Easy Eggless Lemon Cake with Almond Flour- so dang good

Almond cake is a popular confection found throughout Spain so what’s new here? The fact that I substitute apple sauce for eggs which holds the cake together and gives it a moistness. The tip here is that because it will be extra wet you are going to have to bake this a bit longer so do that. I usually let it bake 15 to 20 minutes longer than what a classic recipe with eggs would call for. The best way is to test with a toothpick when you think you are getting close. The cake should exhibit a nice golden brown color. Be sure to let it cool all the way before serving. If you like you can dust it with confectioners sugar but it doesn’t need it. i LOVE this cake! I made the almond flour just grinding fresh almonds in a Cuisnart/Blender. You can just as easily purchase almond flour in the store. No judgement here! TIP: You’re going to need a spring pan! A spring pan is round and has a detachable bottom that makes it a LOT easier to serve this confection.

Vegans Vegetarians Dessert Lovers who like lemon will adore this cake! Warning: Highly addictive and moist. I have gifted this more times than I can remember. Adapted from Melissa Clarks NYT recipe mine is simpler to make. Ready for something to drink with zero alcohol? Try these Pomegranite & Barley Refreshers! They are gorgeous!